Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spa Hotels in Oman

The two main aspects in the planning of any holiday are travel and accommodation.
These are the two factors that define the budget, luxury, as well as facilities you are likely
to enjoy on your travel to a foreign land. The Sultanate of Oman is one place that can
make your dream vacation a reality today. Known for its abundance of scenic beauty
combined with modern day amenities and infrastructure, it is a place worth going to
without the worries of top class hotel facilities. With an international airport that connects
directly to most international destinations around the world, and state-of-the-art spa
hotels in Oman, the country is a must see for any world traveler.

Holidays are for taking a break from daily routine, and this is the reason why spa hotels
are popular the world over, for their assured relaxation rituals. Listed below are the most
liked spa hotels in Oman.
v Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Luxury Resort & Spa: This hotel houses the Chi
signature spa, which is also the largest spa in Oman, presently. It offers a wide
range of treatments including massages and healing stones.
v The Chedi Luxury Spa Hotel: Located in Muscat, this hotel is known for its
superb facilities and white traditional styled villas. The spa here, offers a number
of massage treatments in addition to traditional rituals and signature treatments
like Omani Bliss.
v The Crown Plaza Hotel: This Muscat hotel is famous for its amazing cliff-top
location, and has a spa that provides a variety of packages and massages.

Omani natural beauty has a charm of its own, and no matter what hotel you choose to
give business to, mentioned below are some of the pleasures you can count on.
v Stylishly unique decor with some traditional Omani touch, while also maintaining
international trends for tourists.
v Lavish water gardens, palms, and sea-view, which inspire a spa environment.
v Plenty of activities for relaxation like treatments, massages, tracks for jogging or
walks, rooms for meditation or reading, short classes, etc.
v Special food menu, which includes healthy food choices, and organic food
v Some hotels may offer packages that include a number of treatments with your

It is an unmatched experience to relax and enjoy your vacation amidst, top of the line
amenities as well as serene natural beauty. A treat in itself, spa hotels in Oman are best
known for their blend of traditional hospitality and modern manners of services.

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