Monday, May 30, 2011

4 X 4 Tours in Oman

Most of the must-see places in the country are just more fun to visit in a four wheel drive SUV. The country has such diverse terrains that a normal sedan is just not enough if you plan to explore the whole region. Knowing this the country’s travel operators and agencies have introduced 4X4 tours in Oman. These are tours like desert safaris and excursions where it is necessary to hire a four wheel drive vehicle.

These cars are cheap to hire and offer all the facilities needed for a safe adventure like seatbelts, GPS, airbags, etc. in case you wish to rent a car by yourself and opt for a tour, but the ideal way to enjoy Oman’s recreational jewels is to get in touch with a travel agency and choose a tour that takes you around in a four wheel drive chauffeur driven car.

All you have to do is inform your travel agency or tour company about your preference of language spoken by the driver, so as to make communication simple and the trip pleasurable. These cars offer great maneuverability over sand or rocky roads,in addition to being awesomely smooth for on road travel, which can be a lot of fun in Oman as every scene out of your SUV window looks like a picture postcard.

There are a number of tours on offer in Oman. Being fairly inexpensive these explorations guarantee fun and excitement. Depending on the kind of adventure thatsuits your budget and liking, you can opt for a tour of your choice. If the mysteries of the desert fascinate you, you can take a desert adventure safari. This can be a day tour or even include a night stay at a camp in the middle of the desert, where you can get a glimpse the traditional life of Omani people. There are mountain tours available that pick you up from your hotel and take you into another world where textured mountains and valleys with rivers are all you see for miles.

The best way to go about this is to do a little research online on Oman and the places to see here. Desert safaris is a must for any tourist, but also try to discover some sights that are in close proximity to your place of stay. Who knows, you just might get to see something unique like the Sinkhole where the mountain has collapsed trapping a lake of serene green sea water. 4X4 tours in Oman are there to assist you on any adventure you

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cycling in Oman

Cycling has become the new trend with tourists for its numerous benefits. Popular as a
medium of sport, and transport, it has slowly made its way to being seen as a recreational
activity that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age. Cycling in Oman has been well-
liked by visitors and locals alike. In fact, there are active cycling clubs in Muscat that
have weekly cycling excursions. There is also the annual race called ‘Tour of Oman’
which is popular the world over.

Oman is a country that has a range of mountains in the North and South that are perfect
for bicycling and trekking. In addition to these, the country offers rough terrains, valleys,
limestone beds, and wadis that are best explored at the slow pace of a cycle. Even though,
the climate of the country can be a bit too hot in the summer, winters and season time are
perfect to set out on the bicycle. Most of the stunning scenery and friendly locals make
for an ideal ride through the cities. The roads are unsullied and the weather, crisp. What
else can one want?

The best way to get your hands on a mountain bike is through your travel agency. Travel
agents are aware of the best routes to take, rentals bicycle shops, rules to be followed, etc.
and can guide you well. While selecting a bike, keep in mind the comfort you will need.
Hence make sure that the bicycle suits your height, and the saddle or seat is comfortable
while riding. Safety is primary and so it is advisable to wear a helmet, learn hand signals,
and have a headlight in case you wish to travel at night.

Cycling brings a number of benefits with it. It is an optimal mode of transportation for
short distances, it is a great form of exercise, it is cheaper than hiring a car or using public
transport, it gives you the advantage of being flexible on your journey, it helps you enjoy
a site for as long as you want as the pace is slow, it is one of the most eco-friendly ways
to travel as no air pollution takes place, it is great on rough paths as well as good roads,
and it allows for easier parking.

Known as an efficient, and healthy mode of commute, cycling in Oman is a joy in itself.
Not only can you enjoy the scenery and fresh air, but also feel like you have blend into
the crowd of locals. Going around the city of Muscat on a cycle is awesome. The roads
are clean and directions are easy to follow. Moreover, it is fairly easy to go around on a
cycle where cars are not allowed. You can take pleasure in cycling around the tiny lanes
near the souks, or along the beach.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golfing in Oman

Golf has been a popular sport for decades now, and its popularity is only on the increase.
The sport is taken seriously by most, and the world is also noticing tourism activities in
relation to golf. Golf tourism is a strategic step towards luring players and enthusiasts
into the country. Most growing tourist destinations across the globe are taking the
development of golf courses as a serious priority in order to increase visitor traffic in the
place. The Middle East is no exception, golfing in Oman is a well-liked tourist activity.

Oman has been a vacation destination for a long time now, and the authorities here are
doing the needful in order to develop the tourism sector here. Already vibrant from the
inflow of business visitors, and holidaymakers from around the Middle Eastern countries,
the Sultanate is now caught the eyes of the rest of the world’s tourist bunch. In addition to
the tremendous expansions in development of infrastructure, interesting sights, amenities,
etc, the country has also done the required research in order to inflate its tourism target
audience. Golf, water sports, wildlife related activities like bird watching, etc are bringing
in a number of adventure tourists to this land of beaches, mountains, and deserts.

With crisp sunny weather and lush green oases, the country already boasts of a few
amazing golf courses out of which the most famous are, the Ghallah Wentworth Golf
Club, Muscat Golf and Country Club, The Wave Golf Club, etc. There are a few
Golf resorts that may capture your attention. If you are planning a holiday here and
enjoy golfing, let your travel agency know, as they can offer you some choices of
accommodations close to a course or at a resort that has a golf course on the property.
By letting your travel agency here, know your interest in advance; it can also look for
discounts or special deals for your advantage.

The Sultanate is a haven for tourists from across the globe as it has equipped itself with
international airport that connects to all major countries around the world, has a wide
range of activities suitable for travelers of every age and interest, and has hotels and
restaurants that fit any budget from shoestring holidays to luxurious leisure travel. So, no
matter what your budget is, what your interests are, a simple communication with your
travel agency can make your dream vacation come true. You can choose from golfing in
sea diving, turtle watching, desert camping, to just enjoying the cultural treasures
and traditional hospitality.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spa Hotels in Oman

The two main aspects in the planning of any holiday are travel and accommodation.
These are the two factors that define the budget, luxury, as well as facilities you are likely
to enjoy on your travel to a foreign land. The Sultanate of Oman is one place that can
make your dream vacation a reality today. Known for its abundance of scenic beauty
combined with modern day amenities and infrastructure, it is a place worth going to
without the worries of top class hotel facilities. With an international airport that connects
directly to most international destinations around the world, and state-of-the-art spa
hotels in Oman, the country is a must see for any world traveler.

Holidays are for taking a break from daily routine, and this is the reason why spa hotels
are popular the world over, for their assured relaxation rituals. Listed below are the most
liked spa hotels in Oman.
v Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Luxury Resort & Spa: This hotel houses the Chi
signature spa, which is also the largest spa in Oman, presently. It offers a wide
range of treatments including massages and healing stones.
v The Chedi Luxury Spa Hotel: Located in Muscat, this hotel is known for its
superb facilities and white traditional styled villas. The spa here, offers a number
of massage treatments in addition to traditional rituals and signature treatments
like Omani Bliss.
v The Crown Plaza Hotel: This Muscat hotel is famous for its amazing cliff-top
location, and has a spa that provides a variety of packages and massages.

Omani natural beauty has a charm of its own, and no matter what hotel you choose to
give business to, mentioned below are some of the pleasures you can count on.
v Stylishly unique decor with some traditional Omani touch, while also maintaining
international trends for tourists.
v Lavish water gardens, palms, and sea-view, which inspire a spa environment.
v Plenty of activities for relaxation like treatments, massages, tracks for jogging or
walks, rooms for meditation or reading, short classes, etc.
v Special food menu, which includes healthy food choices, and organic food
v Some hotels may offer packages that include a number of treatments with your

It is an unmatched experience to relax and enjoy your vacation amidst, top of the line
amenities as well as serene natural beauty. A treat in itself, spa hotels in Oman are best
known for their blend of traditional hospitality and modern manners of services.

Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Star Hotels in Oman

Oman is thoroughly enjoying the boom thanks to the thriving tourism industry in the country. It is a well-known fact that the Sultanate has something unique on offer for every traveler, no matter what his interests, budget, or nationality. Full of scenic magnificence and exclusive treasures that combine with the traditional lifestyle here, it leaves no visitor disappointed. With the government stepping in to do the needful in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, and promotion, Oman is set to floor the world with unlimited amenities, sites, and luxurious 5 star hotels.

Thriving on the tourism sector, the Sultanate’s hoteliers witness strong profitability each year. The continuous rise in occupancy rates has nudged world-class chains to set-up shop here. Even though Oman has resorts and accommodation options to accommodate the budget tourists, it houses some amazing 5 star properties that are sure to bump up your vacation experience here.

These properties are not just perfect for honeymoons, family vacations, romantic breaks, and special occasions; they are a well-liked choice for business travelers as well. With state of the art conference facilities and business centers, the hotels make a convenient base for meetings, socializing, and conferences. Listed below are a few of the best 5 star accommodations available in Oman right now.
  • Al Bustan Palace: Called a jewel of Oman, this Muscat hotel is one of the best hotels in the world. With a backdrop of dramatic mountains, and facing the serene sea, it offers comprehensive luxury and exclusive sporting facilities. 
  • InterContinental: Situated in the heart of Muscat, it provides the traditional hospitality of Oman coupled with ultra modern amenities. Ideal for a business traveler, it is also a good choice for tourists who want to enjoy perks of the city without too much commute.
  • The Chedi Muscat:  Equipped with an amazing spa, and seaside dining, this hotel is located at the edge of the Gulf of Oman. Surrounded with fountains and gardens, it is a popular choice for honeymooners.
The Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Al Nahda Resort & Spa, and the Grand Hyatt are also thought to be trendy, having a blend of sophistication and scenic beauty.

Such lavish 5 star hotels in Oman are proof that the country is aware of the incoming leisure and business travelers, and is thus expanding and improving the tourism requisites by accommodating new hotels, and connectivity through airport links. The country is now all set to take on the world, by fast becoming a tourist hub as well as a popular business travel destination.