Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golfing in Oman

Golf has been a popular sport for decades now, and its popularity is only on the increase.
The sport is taken seriously by most, and the world is also noticing tourism activities in
relation to golf. Golf tourism is a strategic step towards luring players and enthusiasts
into the country. Most growing tourist destinations across the globe are taking the
development of golf courses as a serious priority in order to increase visitor traffic in the
place. The Middle East is no exception, golfing in Oman is a well-liked tourist activity.

Oman has been a vacation destination for a long time now, and the authorities here are
doing the needful in order to develop the tourism sector here. Already vibrant from the
inflow of business visitors, and holidaymakers from around the Middle Eastern countries,
the Sultanate is now caught the eyes of the rest of the world’s tourist bunch. In addition to
the tremendous expansions in development of infrastructure, interesting sights, amenities,
etc, the country has also done the required research in order to inflate its tourism target
audience. Golf, water sports, wildlife related activities like bird watching, etc are bringing
in a number of adventure tourists to this land of beaches, mountains, and deserts.

With crisp sunny weather and lush green oases, the country already boasts of a few
amazing golf courses out of which the most famous are, the Ghallah Wentworth Golf
Club, Muscat Golf and Country Club, The Wave Golf Club, etc. There are a few
Golf resorts that may capture your attention. If you are planning a holiday here and
enjoy golfing, let your travel agency know, as they can offer you some choices of
accommodations close to a course or at a resort that has a golf course on the property.
By letting your travel agency here, know your interest in advance; it can also look for
discounts or special deals for your advantage.

The Sultanate is a haven for tourists from across the globe as it has equipped itself with
international airport that connects to all major countries around the world, has a wide
range of activities suitable for travelers of every age and interest, and has hotels and
restaurants that fit any budget from shoestring holidays to luxurious leisure travel. So, no
matter what your budget is, what your interests are, a simple communication with your
travel agency can make your dream vacation come true. You can choose from golfing in
sea diving, turtle watching, desert camping, to just enjoying the cultural treasures
and traditional hospitality.

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