Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Traveling in Oman

Tourism is a priority sector in Oman, since its potential for growth and popularity has been recognized the world over. The country possesses amazing historic heritage, perfect environment, splendid folklore, and traditional industries like fishing, in addition to its natural beauty. All these tourist assets have given this country its own status on the travel map for the Middle East for decades, and now this great sea faring nation is all set to mystify the world. Before you get ready to visit any foreign land, it is crucial that you know how you can get around, thus is it helpful to have tips on traveling in Oman.

Whether you enter the country by means of air, land or sea, it is very important to read up on Oman. This way you can make a list of things you want to do during your stay, you can plan your itinerary well, and know how you will be traveling to all the destinations you have in mind. There are a large number of websites on the Internet that provide all information about the country. You can even know about the weather conditions, activities, sightseeing, and dressing norms here to pack your bags accordingly.

Internal travel in Oman can be undertaken by plane, bus, or rental car. If the places you want to visit are near Muscat or Salalah, there are regular flights between the two airports by the national carrier, Oman Air. To connect bigger cities in the country like Muscat, Sur, Nizwa, Sohar, and Salalah, there are daily bus services. Buses here are punctual and never crowded, providing inexpensive option of transportation. The state-owned bus service also has air-conditioned modern buses. Private or shared taxis are available in Oman, and are fairly cheap and convenient, but the best mode of transportation to explore the place is by renting a car.

There are plenty of car rental companies in Oman. Most of them have offices at the airport as well. These companies are equipped to give you multiple options in type of car, brand, amenities, etc. If budget is not a concern to you, then a nice four wheel drive with GPS is advisable to explore the rough terrains of the country. No matter what mode of transportation you choose, traveling in Oman is a pleasure. The people are friendly and helpful, and who knows you might go back home with not just memories of adventure and sightseeing but even some memories of new found friends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cruises in Oman

Surrounded by endless deserts, astounding mountains, and beautiful coasts, the scenic revels of the Sultanate of Oman are fast becoming a must see for all world travelers. And even though there are a wide range of activities and places to see in this amazing country, a relaxing ride in a traditional Dhow is one thing you should not miss. There are a number of cruises in Oman that you can consider, depending on what part the country you plan to spend time in.
Muscat is the capital of Oman, and most of the international flights land here. You could call this city the face of Oman, as it will allow you to see what this country was a decade ago, and also where the country is going. A blend of traditional and international, Muscat showcases its natural and architectural heritage in a 21st century light. Offering many sites worth seeing and tones of activities and shopping, the place also has Dhow cruises that illustrate the spectacular coastline. These cruises are an extra special experience as the sun goes down. The serene breeze and the gorgeous scenery mutes the city sounds and transports you to another world altogether. The boat pulls in on the shore soon after the mountains disappear in the backdrop, the moon spreads its silver, and the city lights entice you to return from the dream.

Another recommended cruise is to the spectacular fjords of Musandam. The place is known for its placid waters, isolated beaches, and private traditional colonies. Taking a cruise here will let you witness the enormity of the majestic mountains around, while you navigate along the fjords. The natural beauty here is unparalleled, and enjoying it coupled with true Omani hospitality is a treat in itself.

Cruises in Oman are the best way to soak in the beauty and mystique of the grandeur that is this country, sitting under the huge white sails, and aboard an elegant Dhow that silently glides over the pristine waters that will be embedded in your memory for years to come. Plus, most cruises stop at secluded spots for some water activities like snorkeling, diving, and swimming in the blue waters. It is fairly common to spot dolphins, exotic marine life, and whales on these cruises too, so be sure to carry those binoculars and your trendy swimwear.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Muscat Oman Tours

A country like Oman is so full of splendour that visiting it once is not nearly enough to see its magnificence and soak it all in. Glimpses of this country can be seen through taking different tours provided by the various travel agencies here. May it be Muscat Oman tours, Oman adventure tours, Oman marine life tours, Oman wildlife tours, Oman heritage sites tours, or something like discover Oman tours, travel companies are by far the best medium to guide you for your exploration of this impressive Sultanate in the Middle East.

Muscat is the capital city of Oman. Stacked with architectural brilliance and modern day luxury, Muscat makes for a perfect holiday. It houses great accommodation facilities from international chain hotels to budget lodges for the price sensitive traveller. In addition, the city is also the best place to start your discovery of Oman. You can easily rent a car to drive around the city and adjoining areas at the comfort of your own pace. There is a convenient four lane highway to Sur as well as Nizwa that starts from here.

Muscat city tours beautifully showcase not only the vibrant multi-ethnic culture, but also its tiny scenic and adventurous offerings. The landscape here is dominated by the rocky Western Al Hajar Mountains, while the city lies beside the unending Arabian Sea. With short white buildings, grand mosques and other architectural edifices, the city makes for a pretty picture at day and night alike. The best time to visit Oman is from November to March as the weather is cooler.

Sites to see in Muscat include the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Ruwi Mosque, Zawawi Mosque, Museum of Omani Heritage, Bait al Zubair, Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, Omani Aquarium and Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, National Museum of Oman, Al Alam Palace, the Muscat Fort, Riyam Park, the Mutrah Corniche, Muscat Clock Tower, Qurum Beach, Qantab Beach, etc. But of course, sightseeing is not enough. You need to shop, explore and interact with the locals to truly understand Oman. To do this it is crucial that your “things to do list” contains shopping at a traditional souq, visiting the market in Ruwi, eating at a local restaurant, and taking a walk on the closest beach to your hotel.

So, the next time you plan to take a vacation to this part of the world, be sure to ask your travel company for information regarding Muscat Oman tours.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Travel to Oman

Holidaying and recreational travel is no longer restricted to one’s country. Exploring new countries and their cultures has become a part of taking a vacation from the normal routine life. If you are planning a holiday soon, then read on to get a glimpse of what awaits you on your travel to Oman.

Oman is situated in the heart of the Middle East. This unsullied Sultanate offers pristine seas, endless golden sands, textured mountains, amazing underwater jewels, exotic bird and animal life, unparalleled scenic beauty, and a treasure chest of traditional and cultural sight seeing and activities for all age groups. It is a perfect choice for family vacations, or even a romantic surprise break.

The finest time to visit this wonderland place is between November and April. There are four main regions that the country can be divided in. They are Northern Oman including the capital city of Muscat, Bahla, Burraimi, the astounding Hajar Mountains, Madha, Matrah, Sohar, and the Musandam Peninsula; Central Coastal Oman with Ibra, Masirah Island, Sur, and the Wahiba Sands; the flourishing coastal lowlands of Zufar or Dhafar with tropical Salalah; and the Empty Quarter, which is the desert.

Places to see in the land of Sinbad the Sailor are cities like Muscat for its Souqs and culture, the oasis town of Bahla with a World Heritage Site, Nizwa to witness the awe inspiring ancient forts, and Sur where you can see and sail aboard hand-made Dhows. Other must-visit places in Oman are the majestic Hajar mountains stretching all the way into the UAE, the turtle haven of Masirah Island which also shelters some other rare wildlife, the wadis around the Musandam Peninsula, and the great rolling dunes in the Wahiba Sands.

With connectivity to almost all international destinations through the Seeb International Airport at Muscat, getting to Oman via a direct flight is hassle free. You should know that the country offers one-month visa on arrival by land, sea or air for citizens belonging to most countries. These important factors have played a vital part in making Oman a favourable destination for travellers from around the world.

The only inhibition a foreigner might have while deciding to travel to Oman is the language barrier. You will be pleased to know that the locals are fluent in English. Omanis are friendly and welcoming people who will be more than happy to guide tourists.