Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excursions in Oman

While there are many of us who leave things to the last minute, a smart traveler always knows his options in advance. If you are looking for interesting excursions in Oman to make your next trip to this wonderful country more fun, read on for some options you may want to consider.

The best way to find out what types of tours are available through reliable travel and tourism companies, you can always browse online before making the required bookings. Another way is to get in touch with a well-known travel agency in Oman. Not only can the local travel agency help you tailor-design your holiday and stay, but also offer a lot more insight than you can gather through online searches. Some of the most reputable travel agencies of the country can plan your holiday to fit your needs to the T. This includes getting you to Oman by the quickest route by air, booking tickets, arranging for a rental car with or without a chauffeur for your convenience, booking tours and excursions that suit your interests and desires, and make sure that your are staying at hotels that fit your budget yet provide all luxuries you require, among others.

Oman has a lot to offer to each and every traveler. Hence, you may want to choose the excursions that include things that you enjoy or want to see. For example, the country offers activities as varied as scuba diving, boating, sailing, rock climbing, trekking, camel riding, horse riding, desert safari, camping, caving, off-road driving, dune bashing, shopping at modern malls as well as traditional Omani souqs, whale watching, turtle watching, dolphin watching, bird watching, kite surfing, etc.

Sightseeing alternatives include a large number of forts, four very renowned World Heritage Sites, beautiful beaches, exotic scenery, magnificent textured mountains, one of their kind caves, palaces, intriguing architectural marvels, ancient villages, plantations, endless deserts, reserves, valleys, Strait of Hormuz, islands, lagoons, canyons, Geosites, water springs, rock parks, etc. In addition to these, depending on the dates of your travel there are many unique and exciting festivals that take place throughout the country at certain times of each year. Some of the best known of these are the Muscat Festival, Salalah Festival, Sinbad Classic, Oman International Rally, Dubai – Muscat Offshore Sailing Race, Cultural Theatre Program organized by the Misnistry of Tourism, Oman Desert Express, Bidiyah Challenge, Tour of Oman, Oman World Fireworks Championship, etc.

A good way is to pick a few activities that interest you, a few sights that you don’t want to miss out on and aim at attending at least one festival or event that can give you a glimpse at into the Omani style and outlook. You can also share the shortlist you have created with your travel agency and see if they can plan the ultimate holiday for you. Another option is to simply go through the array of excursions they offer. Most travel agencies have private or group excursions such as Mystical Muscat showcasing the city and some adjoining sites, Fascinating Forts including a trip to the famous forts at Nizwa, Al Hoota Caves tour, Twilight Dhow Cruise, Amazing Dolphins for dolphin and whale watching, Batinah Bash to see Batinah coast and sites, Majestic Mountains, and many more.

With so many already designed excursions in Oman available for booking, even over the Internet or phone, things like planning your tours has become simple and quick. And in case these choices don’t make you jump for joy, you can have your excursions tailor-made for a few extra bucks. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tours today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Car Hire in Oman

Oman is fast becoming a favourite destination among globe-trotters. The country is welcoming foreign tourists with open arms and it has made significant changes in infrastructure and the travel and tourism sector to accommodate and please the constant inflow. But, these are not the only people who visit this wonderful land. The country has a thriving economy and business sector that brings in thousands of people here for business related activities as well. Even though the purpose of visit for both these groups of visitors is very different, the one thing most agree on is the mode of transport they prefer for internal travel and commute within the Sultanate. The majority of travelers nowadays are opting for car hire in Oman.

This is the obvious choice for a number of good reasons. First of all, nobody can deny the fact that a rental car provides much greater comfort than any mode of public transport in a foreign country. The hassles of looking at bus schedules and planning your day according to them can be troublesome. If you think taxis may be the way out, in most cases you may be wrong. Finding taxis at odd hours of the day or night can sometimes be quite irritating, not to mention a lot more expensive than a rental vehicle. Another advantage is the choice you have in rental cars. You can hire any snazzy vehicle for a great price. Many visitors select four wheel drives or luxury sedans, which they would never think of buying back home. This adds a special touch and excitement to the holiday or business trip.

The last and main aspect is the pricing. In view of the fact that Oman receives a huge number of tourists annually, the car rental market is rather competitive. This translates into the customer getting great deals and rental prices throughout the year. If you want to book your car in advance, even that can be done. All you need to do is log onto the Internet and look for car rental companies operating in the country. Chances are that you will come across plenty of names. Of course, it is advisable to not waste time on small local companies and find a reliable international name. Many celebrated companies even offer attractive discounts for online bookings.

Since finding a good car hire in Oman is easy and simple through online portals, most visitor are choosing to book their preferred vehicles well in advance. And for those who do not find the time to do so, can simply book one after landing at the Muscat International Airport. There are car rental company kiosks that take your booking and deliver the car at your hotel or place of residence witshin a few hours.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Car Rental in Oman

If you are looking for a good car rental in Oman, you have come to the right place. You are bound to find a large number of car rental companies that provide many services and offer great prices for your traveling needs. Anyone who has ever rented a car in a foreign land knows the importance of dealing with a reliable company. While it may be much better to deal with an international car rental company, or a company that you have dealt with before, this is not always possible. For those of you who have never hired a vehicle, the best option is to do the bookings through your travel agency or hotel of accommodation. These are two set-ups that are most likely to have tie-ups with car rental companies operating in the country.

For those of you who decide to book the rental car services through your travel agency, it may be of great help to know that these major car rental companies provide all types of cars for exciting excursions to all the destinations in the amazing Sultanate, rental cars to visit adjoining areas of the country such as parts of the United Arab Emirates, a complete and wide selection of cars starting from the basic to the luxury segment, which also include some four wheel drive vehicles, chauffeur driven services for the leisure and comfort you deserve, and special limousine services for special occasions, etc. Some reputable car rental companies also offer luxury coaches and mini-buses for small groups. After all, no holiday is fun if the group is separated when traveling around the provinces.

Renting a car for the period of your stay in the country is one of the best options to have a comfortable mode of transportation. A majority of tourists and visitors these days also prefer chauffeur driven cars. Even though the extra charge is levied, it is well worth it. Imagine having to read maps and keeping with the traffic rules and regulations all the time. By hiring a chauffeured car you can just sit back and relax all through the journey. All you have to do is tell the driver where you wish to go. Most car rentals make sure that the chauffeur and customer know at least one common language to make communication effective. Or else, you can self drive. Oman is a must-see for those who love driving. The off-road trails are fun and exciting. So in case you are up for some adventure, go in for a 4WD SUV.

Once you find a good car rental in Oman it may be best to book the car of your preference as soon as possible. Also, if you need a chauffeured car, do let your hotel, travel agency or rental car provider know in advance.