Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Enjoy an Amazing Desert Safari in Oman

Any person who enjoys traveling and loves the sense of adventure that one get when visiting new places will tell you that there are some must-dos when it comes to embarking on a journey to whichever foreign land. What you have to see? Where you need to go? What all you need to do while you are there. Basics. When the country you are going to is Oman, the list may be a tad bit long. A lovely country with boundless beauty, Oman is home to a world of heritage. Some of the things that have to go into your to do list for this astounding country are visiting the ancient forts and beaches, journeying through the textured mountains, enjoying water activities like diving and turtle, whale, and dolphin watching, taking pleasure in watching exotic wildlife and birds, going for treks, rock-climbing and caving, etc. but reaping the benefit of a desert safari in Oman ought to top your list.

It is a little realized fact that 80 percent of Oman is desert, and who is to blame, when the country is full of such natural beauty and the perfect mix of old and new. It is hence obvious that any visitor cannot deny the elegance of its golden sands capes, nor refrain from witnessing the vastness of it. The most prominent desert in Oman is Sharqiyah Sands, which was previously known as Wahiba Sands. The dunes here are almost 200 meters in height. Well known among the tourist for the sunsets watched here, which are said to be awe-inspiring. It also transforms into a mystical place after dusk, as the millions of stars cover the sky and almost light up the sands into oxidized silver. The desert can be seen on camelback or aboard a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The choice is yours, whether you want to opt for the traditional camel with its slow pace or conventional four-wheel drive that allows you to even venture into some sand-bashing thrills.

Experiencing a desert safari in Oman gives you a glimpse of the true Omani culture and traditions. Maybe meet a Bedouin family who can share how they live in such harsh desert conditions. You can even stay over night at one of the camps in the desert. All you have to do is ask your travel agency to hook you up with the best desert safari available within your budget. Either way, the adventure of traversing the deserts of Oman will be one that goes down in your life’s book as ‘something special’.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Muscat Tours in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is not capturing the tourism market in the Middle East for its scenic beaches, textured mountains, serene deserts and amazing landscapes alone. The government of Oman has taken special care to promote this destination throughout the world, and since the strategies are working to get thousands of tourists into the country every year, the travel and tourism industry here has equipped itself with serving the clients’ every need. Tailor-made holidays are designed by travel companies everyday to fit the needs of every traveler. From Oman-Muscat Tours, wildlife excursions, adventure tours, to desert safaris, dhow cruises, etc, specific tours are designed to fit every requirement.

Muscat can be seen in a mere day, but to truly soak in the tropical sea, the buzzing sounds of the local markets, to really enjoy this capital city of the Sultanate, a weekend is perfect. Well stocked with every modern amenity, you will never feel that it is lacking any comfort needed. Being at par with international standards as far as infrastructure goes, Muscat still holds on dearly to its architectural and cultural heritage. Things one must see in the city include the stunning embassy quarter of Muscat and some other architecture that may please your eyes while driving through Muttrah and other parts of the city streets. Don’t miss the famous Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which is something of a religious landmark and boasts of ancient Islamic architecture. From Portuguese forts Jalali, Mirani and Qasr Al Alam, to the striking Palace of HM Sultan Qaboos, the best way to see Old Town of Muscat is to walk while admiring the local houses around. Visit the Bait Al Zubair Museum to glimpse into the culture and wildlife of Oman. Another must is to take a dhow ride on the coastline and spot some Common and Spinner Dolphins. Lastly, take your time to choose from antiques, perfumes, souvenirs, etc. at the local Souk.

After booking your Oman Muscat tour, pair it with a stay at one of the beautiful boutique hotels here like the Intercontinental Al Bustan Palace Muscat, The Chedi Muscat, Al Husn at Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, or 5-star accommodation like at the Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel, Ramada Muscat Hotel, Coral Hotel could be ideal to relax and unwind in the lap of luxury. Note that there is a dress code required for entry into religious monuments and some museums. Neckline, hair, ankles and hands should be covered for women. Men should wear full pants and full sleeved shirts.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diversity of Oman Excursions

Oman is known for its culture, scenery, and tourism infrastructure all over Arabia. It is said to be the ideal holiday destination for the niche and evolved traveler. The involvement of the Sultanate’s government has helped it grow leaps and bound over the past decade. The constant popularity of Oman as a tourism haven comes from the fact that it has fairly easy accessibility from most countries, state-of-art infrastructure that helps in enjoying a relaxed vacation, and friendly visa facilities for leisure travel. Hence, it is not surprising that Oman excursions have now gained appreciation from the itinerants of the world.

The tourism industry is witnessing a boom in Oman and travel companies of all sizes are at the tourists’ beck and call. Many tours are available to explore this beautiful country, but there are some aspects to consider. A guaranteed pleasurable vacation begins with associating with a well-known travel agency. Choose your tour operator depending on the kind of holiday you wish to embark on. Look for interest specific tours that are available. Oman is a country of immense natural beauty. If viewing this characteristic of the country is what interests you, then consider a nature’s tour that will not only cover the desert, dunes, and canyons but also wildlife, bird-watching, turtle breeds, caves, and beaches.

In case, you are an adventure buff, there are many tours offered that will give you the thrills, which add up to making your travel more exciting. Oman has a lot of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing activities on its aquamarine shores for tourists. It also boasts of magnificent mountains that are ideal for treks, hikes and rock climbing. These mountains are home to some exotic species of birds, animals and ancient inhabitants that still preserve their way of life, and set the canvas for Oman’s natural beauty. If, you are interested in the heritage and culture of this Sultanate then you would definitely enjoy specific heritage tours. From classic architecture to ancient forts and churches that still open for touring, Oman has a cultural richness that cannot be found in many countries. The country possesses UNESCO World Heritage sites like the famous Bahla Fort, and illustrious archaeological sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn.

Any modern traveler, interested in the whole package should opt for Oman excursions such as quaint traditional souks, exclusive dhow rides, amazing caves, steering waterfalls, awe inspiring forts and monuments, and desert safaris to get the best of all.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tour Operators in Oman

Oman is flourishing under the banner of an international tourist destination. Not very popular a few decades ago, it has clearly made its mark on the markets in Australia and New Zealand alike with arrivals growing at around 13 percent per year. According to the tourism officials of Oman, the emphasis is now on tactical marketing, working closely the wholesale and retail partners, not only to increase awareness but also to motivate people to travel by putting appropriate packages in the tourist market place. Hence the spotlight is on tour operators in Oman to see how well they use the support of their government to their advantage and in turn make Oman a list-topper on the tourism world map.

Infrastructure-wise Oman is all set for the flow of foreign tourists. Its fast-expanding portfolio of hotels and hotel apartments are drawing tourists from all over the world. Tour operators have self-designed packages to satisfy every type of traveler. From adventure getaways to quiet holidays, from wildlife excursions to scenic pleasure travel, every tour operator has the ideal target audience for every tour.  All of the tour companies in the Sultanate are aware of the rules and regulations governing tourists and destinations such as wildlife observation and visits to protected areas. But only some tour operators are extremely well equipped to cater to almost any of the varied preferences.

In Oman even the government organizations work hand in hand with tour operator to benefit the tourists. The Historical Association of Oman is a non-governmental organization that has a special interest in the natural history of the Sultanate. Birdwatchers can obtain information and copies of the Oman Bird List from the Oman Bird Records Committee. The Oman Natural History Museum houses superb displays wildlife found in Oman, marine fauna and flora and a separate and outstanding whale hall.

No matter what your interests are, you can be assured that you are in good hands with a government certified tour operator in Oman.