Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tour Operators in Oman

Oman is a land of dramatic natural beauty that has seen a terrific growth in tourism for the past few years. Always popular in the Middle East as a holiday destination, it has now proactively opened its doors to tourists from all over the world. With mountains, beaches, caves, fishing ports, deserts, wadis, and souqs; the country has finally tapped into its selling points for the travel map. The government of the country has taken special interest in increasing international exposure to assure the flow of foreign visitors. Hence, even the tour operators in Oman have geared themselves up to meet the ever increasing demands of the travelers.

The government of Oman has put in plenty of efforts to build the infrastructure and assure that the country is efficiently connected by air, road, and sea. With airlines offering various attractive promotional discounts on tickets, flying to Oman is a fairly inexpensive affair for any holidaymaker. It is well connected to all major travel destinations and countries by air. Even the hospitality industry here has flourished leaps and bounds. Most prominent hotel chains have their mark here, and are enjoying the high occupancy rate that the travelers and businessmen provide. The large number of tour operators here have also taken advantage of the growth in the sector and made the necessary changes to fit the bill.

Tour operators in Oman are the best guides to help you witness the loveliness of this vast land. You can rely on any of the tour operators in the country to provide different tours according to your interest. Since Oman has a lot to offer, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. With a blend of diverse geography, cultures and a wealth of history, the country has something of everyone. All you have to do is choose the kind of holiday you wish to embark on.

Tour operators in Oman are more than capable of designing a tailor-made holiday to satisfy your every desire. You could have an adventure holiday with a tour that covers water sports, desert safari, and rock climbing or trekking, or an eco holiday spent bird watching or whale and dolphin watching. You can ask your operator to design a special tour for you that covered all the heritage sites in Oman. Whatever you decide to do, surely you will find a great tour operator that can make your holiday a success. Choose a travel operator in Oman that is customer-focused, flexible and determined to make your trip very memorable.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discover Oman

From a gigantic lion shape stalagmites and stalactites of the Al Hoota Cave of the Tanuf valley in Al Hamra in the northeast, to the coral diversity of the coral reefs under the sea, you can discover Oman tours to relish the beauty and diverse treasures that this country in the middle east has to offer. Fast becoming popular with tourists and explorers from the world over, Oman has the necessary infrastructure to make any holiday a dream come true.

Set in the Persian Gulf, Oman is home to historical architectural sites and forts, awesome museums, beautiful beaches, and magnificent mountains. It is famous among eco-tourists for its varied spectrum of nature activities such as bird watching, dolphin and whale watching, turtle watching, cave tourism, mountain climbing, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, desert safaris, and the like. For visitors interested in history and architecture, Oman is the place to see. With hundreds of forts and mosques, it tells a thousand tales of mystery that can take a lifetime to unfold.

For an average tourist, the list of things to do in Oman is endless. Nonetheless, some of the things that will leave your holiday incomplete if not done are a cruise aboard the traditional wooden boat called a Dhow, cave tour with canals and clear water streams running through, visiting a traditional Omani market called a Souq to pick up souvenirs for friends back home, visiting the unsullied beaches for some water sports, hopping onto a camel, horse or hiring a 4x4 car and embarking on a desert safari, going trekking or bird watching and seeing the true majesty of the mountains in this place.

The best way to discover Oman tours is by getting hold of a good tour operator in Oman. Tour operators can provide you with the needed information to make the right choice in selecting the most enjoyable destinations in Oman according to your preference and travel period. There are travel agencies that expertise in making tailor-made itineraries to satisfy your desire in exploring the beauty and diversity of this lovely country. If you don’t know any tour operator first hand, the best way to getting in touch with a capable company would be to find one online. Search for tour operators or travel agencies on the Internet and ask for your options. Be sure to speak about the budget you have in mind and chances are that you will have a great vacation that is as hassle free as it can get.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Enjoy Tours to Oman

Oman is a country with such array of treasures to see that one specific tour to this country can never be enough. Home to diverse landscapes ranging from, the barren fjords of Musandam in the North, to the emerald green hills of Dhofar in its South, Oman shelters plains, reserves, valleys, wadis, mountains, islands, water springs, lagoons, caves, and sandy beaches as well as deserts; hence tours to Oman have to be planned according to the tastes of the traveler.

Oman can be seen in different sorts of tours. One way of discovering the beauty of the country is by seeing the important places. If this is the kind of tour you think is best, then the places you need to visit to feel like you have seen the highlights of Oman are, the capital city of Muscat, Sultan’s place of birth - Salalah, the coastal town - Barka, the fisherman town - Sur, the oasis city of Nizwa, and Sohar – ancient capital of Oman. Sohar is also said to be the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor.

If forts and castles are what fascinate you, the list is endless. Oman has over a thousand forts, castles, and watchtowers. Out of these some twenty-two are open to the public on a nominal entry fee. For heritage travelers Oman has much to offer. There are four UNESCO heritage sites in the country. They are, The Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, the archeological sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn, and the frankincense trail.
Some vacationers want to experience Oman through the activities and adventures it offers. For such visitors the country provides exciting opportunities hidden amidst golden deserts, mysterious mountain trails, blue seas, and enchanting oases. Activity tours like desert safaris, camping, hiking and trekking, mountain climbing, caving, wildlife watching and bird watching, dolphin watching, turtle watching, camel racing, horse racing, and water sports like scuba diving, boating, and sailing are available readily for groups as well as individuals.

Tours to Oman are not only popular among modern recreational travelers, but also famous for being interesting for anthropologists from around the world. Being the land of legendary stories, mystique, and exotic splendor, Oman’s tourism industry namely travel agencies and companies handling travel and tourism in the country have an expertise in making tailor-made tours for every kind of visitor. Also, no matter what tour you select, do not miss out on a good walk through the traditional Arabic Souq for some souvenir shopping before heading back to your family and friends.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tourism in Oman

For the longest time tourism was a subjective activity. Even the tourist destinations from around the world were visited with a specific holiday or event in mind. Some places were famous for their beaches, while some for the mountains. Now the world travelers have found a country that is so full of splendor that it holds an abundant undiscovered treasure chest on the Arabian Peninsula. As the government of the country has taken special interest in promoting the travel and tourism industry here, it is no wonder that tourism in Oman is growing every year.

With a visa on entry, which is valid for one month, tourists from specific countries can plan trips even on short notice. Oman is a country with fascinating natural beauty, clean beaches, golden deserts, various attractions, cultural events, shopping, and multi-ethnic food.

The beaches of this country provide activities like diving, turtle and dolphin watching, sailing, etc. Since Oman is as famous as being a sanctuary for rare species of turtles and exotic marine life, it is also a haven for atypical birds and some interesting animals too.
Bird watching and trekking are popular activities undertaken by visitors as well as locals. There is an adventurous buzz about rock climbing and caving here too.

There are tour packages available for desert safaris too. There are options available for a day tour or to even have a stay-over in the middle of the desert in an Omani style tent. Visitors vouch that there is nothing more pleasurable than seeing the sun setting onto a carpet of golden sands.

Oman has a blend of traditional and cosmopolitan shopping venues. Shopping on the street or walking through the traditional Arabic market place called Souq will help you get an insight into the culture and lifestyles of the locals. From jewellery, household items, hand-made daggers, incense, rugs, and handcrafts to designer shops in exquisite shopping arcades, Oman serves all needs. Unique and exclusive, souvenirs from here are sure to make the best of gifts for friends and family.

Attractions in Oman include a lot of forts, world heritage sites, and architecturally striking mosques, but for a traveler that wants to experience the real thrill of Oman seeing a bull-butting contest is must. Also, horse and camel racing is fairly exciting, so the next time you are on a quest to discovering the delight of tourism in Oman, ask your travel agency give you a tour that’s tailor-made to fit your desire.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Best of Luxury in Oman

Hotels in Oman are springing up in the hopes to keep up with the steadily growing inflow of visitors and tourists to this beautiful country situated in southwest Asia, on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Sharing a border with the United Arab Emirates on the northwest, Yemen on the southwest, and Saudi Arabia on the west, Oman is strategically well connected to rest of the Middle East. Being one of the last remaining Sultanates in the world, it is a country worth exploring, and there is no better way to doing this than in the lap of luxury by staying at one of the best hotels in Oman.

Just like the country, you will notice that even the hotels here are advantageously located so as to evoke the fascinatingly scenic magnificence of the place. Oman has three prominent geographical landscapes. They are the plateaus, mountains, and the coastline. Hence, if you book a hotel in the mountainous regions of Oman, you can be sure to be amidst amazingly textured mountain ranges with waterfalls and trekking terrains. If you book a hotel near the coastline, you could enjoy all the water-sport activities that the country is famous for including getting introduced to exotic marine life. That is not all; a beachfront hotel also guarantees quiet walks on the beach and romantic sunsets while staring into the horizon.

Oman guards within its boundaries an abundance of treasures. From historical and cultural heritage sites, to exotic flora and fauna, this ancient land shelters wadis, fishing villages, dhows, deserts, beaches, mountains, forts, palaces, and friendly people that make it one of the must see destinations on the travel map of the world.  To enjoy activities that Oman offers like camping in the desert or mountains, skiing in the desert, scuba diving, camel racing, turtle watching, game fishing, horseback riding, sailing, trekking, desert safaris, tribal dancing, shopping at the traditional souks, etc. you need to be comfortable in your home away from home.

There are several good hotels in Oman. The best way to find a hotel that fits your requirements as well as the pre-planned budget is to hunt online. All you need to do is search for hotels in the region that you wish to visit and book using your credit card. Some hotels also have the facility wherein you can choose the kind of room you want. For example, the room may have a beach view, a garden view, or swimming pool view. Look for all these little benefits provided on the website and select the hotel that will make your visit to the Sultanate a dream come true.