Monday, May 21, 2012

Exciting Excursions in Oman

Oman is becoming a popular tourist destination. It is not surprising, given the wide range of tourist attractions that the sultanate has to offer. From wadis, deserts, beaches and mountains to forts, castles and souqs make Oman a unique country among its neighbouring nations. As a tourist in Oman you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of activities you’ll find, like sand skiing in the desert, scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking, surfing and sailing, cave exploration, bird-watching, bull fighting, and camel races.  So in order to get the best out of your trip, without any time or money waste, you should contact a touristic agent to help you choose the best excursions in Oman for your adventure thirst.

If you are looking to get a taste of the rich heritage of Oman, you should take the tour to the Nakhl Oasis and its fort. This tour will take you from the impressive Fort at the Nakhl oasis through the warm springs at Thowarah, lush plantations of palm trees and small mountain villages and finally to the Bilad Sayt village. You will also get to explore Wadi Sahtan, with its famous rock paintings.

A Safari is the perfect expedition for you if you are more of an intrepid traveller. Safaris will take you through untraveled paths through sand dunes and rugged mountain areas. You’ll be meandering through the entrancing Hajar Mountains to the famous water pools in Wadi Abyad. Then you’ll enjoy a thrilling dune drive and be rewarded at the end with a scrumptious barbecue dinner.

If travelling for you is always a learning experience where you experience a place’s history first-hand then the coastal tour to Bibi Myriam is definitely for you. Like most other excursions in Oman, this expedition starts in Muscat before heading to Quriyat with the beautiful beaches that make this coastal town famous. Here you can take pictures at the Sinkhole, which is a part of a mountain that collapsed and is now filled with sea water. Then you’ll get to see the White Beach and the Wadi Shab on your way to the picturesque village of Tiwi. After a delicious picnic lunch, you’ll get to the historical site of Bibi Myriam.

For people who enjoy when visiting other countries, the shopping tour will be a delight with a mixture of old and new Muscat. You’ll find the perfect balance between fully air-conditioned malls, which are brightly lit and clean, and the colourful, busy and traditional markets. This expedition will take you to Oman’s largest indoor market, the famous Al Dhalam Souk, located along the coast at Muttrah corniche.

You will find exquisite silver jewellery, daggers with incredibly intricate hand-work, and other typical handicrafts at this Souk, which is built in a traditional style. You will also visit two shopping centres that house traditional souks. In both places you will find silver jewellery, leather goods, silk rugs, trinkets and Omani silver handicrafts, that make for excellent souvenirs.  Here, trying Omani Halwa, a delicious traditional treat made from dates, rose water and cardamom, is a must. At the Amouage factory, your senses will be teased by the great variety of scents, discovering all the secrets behind the world’s most valuable perfume.

Before booking any of these expeditions in Oman, make sure you know what is included in the price and what is not. Most of them include hotel pick-ups, an experienced English speaking driver and guide and lunch or dinner. Remember that tips and gratuities, personal expenses and souvenirs are rarely included. Ask for optional activity costs. More importantly, regardless of the type of expedition you choose, be prepared to let excursions in Oman surprise you with its natural diversity, cultural richness and historical value.

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