Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oman Tourism

It is one of the last authentic Sultanates of the world. It has a coastline that stretches over 1700 km and is bordered by the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian Sea, and the Gulf of Oman. It covers a total area of around 309500 square kilometers with every square km packed with scenic exclusivity. Yes, Oman is beautiful! Since the time that it has opened its doors to the world Oman tourism has already grown leaps and bounds.

The government has taken a number of encouraging steps to tap into the travel and tourism industry of the world that is now worth billions of dollars and growing each year. There are some very important benefits for the traveler planning to visit Oman, in view of the Sultanate trying hard to be on every traveler’s must-visit list. First of all, the people are friendly and helpful to foreigners, crime rate in the country is extremely low, and the authorities display a flexible attitude in case the traveler is facing some problem on his visit. Secondly, the government has egged on the fast development of the tourism industry within the country, making way for international car rental companies, plenty of good travel agencies, luxury and spa hotels, civil infrastructure, etc. And to conclude, the country not only has a huge treasure chest of natural marvels for visitors to bask in, but also a wide range of recreational activities that one can take pleasure in.

While Oman is divided into regions, namely Muscat Governorate, Dhofar Governorate, Musandam, A’Sharqiyah Region, Al Batinah Region, A’Dakhiliyah Region, A’Dhahirah Region, Al Buraymi, and Al Wasta Region, it may be difficult to cover all the regions on a short stay. It is advisable that you rather shortlist activities and sights before planning the internal itinerary. Another option would be to get in touch with a reliable travel agency that can make an exclusive package for you, so that all your requirements are taken care of without the hassle of dealing with every single detail on your own. Most travel agencies in Oman are highly efficient and trustworthy to deliver what has been promised. These companies also have their own set of tour packages that you can choose from.

Some of the Oman tourism activities you may want to consider for your next trip are scuba diving, boating, mountain climbing, trekking, going on a desert safari, camping, turtle watching, caving, shopping at the traditional souk markets, whale watching, bird watching, dolphin watching, camel racing, horse riding, off-road driving, dune bashing, swimming, cycling, golfing, etc. Oman is full of valleys, reserves, mountains, caves, deserts, lagoons, wadis and souks, anda visit to this amazing paradise has the potential of being the best holiday experience you have ever had.


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