Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trekking in Oman

Holidays nowadays have taken on a whole new dimension. It’s not just about lounging by a pool or beach and relaxing anymore; it’s also about adventure, exploring new terrains and getting the adrenalin pumping through your body! Adventure holidays are catching the fancy of travelers the world over and hiking, trekking, mountain-climbing and other such activities have become hugely popular vacation sports today. The Middle East was often overlooked when it came to such venturous undertakings. But today, trekking in Oman has become a beloved activity for trekking and hiking lovers around the globe.

Set in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is one of the most diverse and pretty countries in the Middle East and its natural beauty lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities. Oman is blessed with a scenic landscape replete with rugged mountain ranges, unspoiled desert dunes, pristine beaches and more. One of the best ways to explore this riveting landscape is by foot and it’s no wonder that trekking is becoming hugely popular here.

The mountain ranges, their geological wonders and the rustic cliff-side villages and towns make trekking and hiking here a must-do. The history of the landscape is lush and in plain sight with its natural formations that are yours to enjoy. There are plenty of different trails and terrains to choose from, like the Jebel Shams Rim Walk at the Grand Canyon of Jebel Shams, which starts from the Al Khateem village, one of the more popular trek trails in Oman. It has some spectacular scenic views and the sheer cliff drops are definitely not for the faint of heart. The Al-Hajar mountain range provides plenty of trekking opportunities among others, with varying levels of difficulty. The tallest peak here caps in at just over approximately 3000 meters! You can also opt for the picturesque desert explorations, amidst the fascinating and majestic sand dunes. The options are plentiful and diverse.

The best time of the year to undertake these kinds of activities would be usually between the months of September and May, with October to April being the preferred trekking period. Always make sure you avoid being caught at the base in case of rainfall and if you are an inexperienced trekker, travel with a knowledgeable guide. Trekking and hiking here is also being made easier with the new additions of signposts and markers to help you navigate the terrain.

What better way to learn about the culture and natural history of a nation than by getting to know it in its most natural form – from the ground up. Once you are done enjoying the trekking in Oman you can rest under the starry night sky or on a plush hotel bed in one of the many luxurious hotels…perfect.


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