Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Travel to Oman

Holidaying and recreational travel is no longer restricted to one’s country. Exploring new countries and their cultures has become a part of taking a vacation from the normal routine life. If you are planning a holiday soon, then read on to get a glimpse of what awaits you on your travel to Oman.

Oman is situated in the heart of the Middle East. This unsullied Sultanate offers pristine seas, endless golden sands, textured mountains, amazing underwater jewels, exotic bird and animal life, unparalleled scenic beauty, and a treasure chest of traditional and cultural sight seeing and activities for all age groups. It is a perfect choice for family vacations, or even a romantic surprise break.

The finest time to visit this wonderland place is between November and April. There are four main regions that the country can be divided in. They are Northern Oman including the capital city of Muscat, Bahla, Burraimi, the astounding Hajar Mountains, Madha, Matrah, Sohar, and the Musandam Peninsula; Central Coastal Oman with Ibra, Masirah Island, Sur, and the Wahiba Sands; the flourishing coastal lowlands of Zufar or Dhafar with tropical Salalah; and the Empty Quarter, which is the desert.

Places to see in the land of Sinbad the Sailor are cities like Muscat for its Souqs and culture, the oasis town of Bahla with a World Heritage Site, Nizwa to witness the awe inspiring ancient forts, and Sur where you can see and sail aboard hand-made Dhows. Other must-visit places in Oman are the majestic Hajar mountains stretching all the way into the UAE, the turtle haven of Masirah Island which also shelters some other rare wildlife, the wadis around the Musandam Peninsula, and the great rolling dunes in the Wahiba Sands.

With connectivity to almost all international destinations through the Seeb International Airport at Muscat, getting to Oman via a direct flight is hassle free. You should know that the country offers one-month visa on arrival by land, sea or air for citizens belonging to most countries. These important factors have played a vital part in making Oman a favourable destination for travellers from around the world.

The only inhibition a foreigner might have while deciding to travel to Oman is the language barrier. You will be pleased to know that the locals are fluent in English. Omanis are friendly and welcoming people who will be more than happy to guide tourists.

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