Monday, March 14, 2011

Enjoy Tours to Oman

Oman is a country with such array of treasures to see that one specific tour to this country can never be enough. Home to diverse landscapes ranging from, the barren fjords of Musandam in the North, to the emerald green hills of Dhofar in its South, Oman shelters plains, reserves, valleys, wadis, mountains, islands, water springs, lagoons, caves, and sandy beaches as well as deserts; hence tours to Oman have to be planned according to the tastes of the traveler.

Oman can be seen in different sorts of tours. One way of discovering the beauty of the country is by seeing the important places. If this is the kind of tour you think is best, then the places you need to visit to feel like you have seen the highlights of Oman are, the capital city of Muscat, Sultan’s place of birth - Salalah, the coastal town - Barka, the fisherman town - Sur, the oasis city of Nizwa, and Sohar – ancient capital of Oman. Sohar is also said to be the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor.

If forts and castles are what fascinate you, the list is endless. Oman has over a thousand forts, castles, and watchtowers. Out of these some twenty-two are open to the public on a nominal entry fee. For heritage travelers Oman has much to offer. There are four UNESCO heritage sites in the country. They are, The Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, the archeological sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn, and the frankincense trail.
Some vacationers want to experience Oman through the activities and adventures it offers. For such visitors the country provides exciting opportunities hidden amidst golden deserts, mysterious mountain trails, blue seas, and enchanting oases. Activity tours like desert safaris, camping, hiking and trekking, mountain climbing, caving, wildlife watching and bird watching, dolphin watching, turtle watching, camel racing, horse racing, and water sports like scuba diving, boating, and sailing are available readily for groups as well as individuals.

Tours to Oman are not only popular among modern recreational travelers, but also famous for being interesting for anthropologists from around the world. Being the land of legendary stories, mystique, and exotic splendor, Oman’s tourism industry namely travel agencies and companies handling travel and tourism in the country have an expertise in making tailor-made tours for every kind of visitor. Also, no matter what tour you select, do not miss out on a good walk through the traditional Arabic Souq for some souvenir shopping before heading back to your family and friends.

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